Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab transforms our latest research and engineering breakthroughs into a range of applications to help our customers, from small consumers to large businesses. Learn more about our latest model and transcription API, enterprise solutions and other tools here.

Conjecture’s Innovation Lab takes our best research and engineering advances and turns them into meaningful tools and products. This creates a virtuous cycle. Our internal-facing teams get to spend their time building towards technologies we’re excited about using in-house, or technologies we need to advance our research and development. Meanwhile, our Innovation Lab focuses on sharing these technologies with the outside world, and iterating on feedback from users to make these technologies even better. Check out what we’ve built below.

LLM Playground

We’ve launched our language model API with Conjecture’s custom models, which is free to try on our chat playground. Our models are still in an early state of testing, but already very useful for many standard use cases!  Get a feel for the API on our playground by changing sampling preferences and more.

Transcription API

We’ve also launched a transcription API which offers state of the art transcription and translation services - with a record low word error rate across a range of different sound qualities. The model includes diarization out of the box and supports over 50 different languages, and can provide word level timestamps. Try it!


We are building a suite of AI solutions for enterprise partners. Our current offering enables companies to train their own proprietary models on in-house datasets. We help you go from 0 to complete by augmenting your data, training end-to-end, and iterating on a model that fits your needs.

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