Product Engineer

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Full-Time On-Site

As a product engineer at Conjecture, you’ll build the frontend and backend of the tools that accelerate the next era of cognition. Practically this means building ML APIs alongside our ML engineers, easy to use front-end interfaces alongside talking to customers to understand their pain points and building solutions to these.

At Conjecture you will likely end up contributing to one of our core product lines, which build tooling on top of large language models to supercharge users and enable our researchers to solve previously impossible problems. You can imagine some of the changes that could happen in the world if people had access to a machine that could do college-level work at will, and it’ll be part of your job to build the interface and tooling to make it accessible.

List of responsibilities may include:

  • Generating innovative new product or tool ideas to build on top of modern AI models
  • Shipping functional product MVPs quickly and iterating based off user feedback
  • Implementation of product design with a high quality bar
  • Building internal tooling for model inference, visualization, and infrastructure.
  • Owning problems end to end, from the early exploration of the problem through to releasing things to customers, and understanding that often doesn't involve writing code.

You might be a good fit for this role if:

  • You are a strong technical fit, able to make rapid progress on engineering projects and iterate quickly
  • You have good communication skills and enjoy working in a team with high bandwidth communication. Many of our products are close to large engineering efforts that involve most or all of the team. You are proactive, driven, and creative
  • Have built fantastic products used by many people
  • You are able to solve small, isolated problems like bugs in code, as well as grapple with large meta-level problems, like refactoring code or changing libraries
  • You care more about outcomes and impact than the exact implementation, or the tools used to solve the problem.
  • You like moving quickly and asking “how can we do this better and faster”?

Experience with the following would be a bonus:

  • Designing beautiful websites and UI that makes using our products natural and seamless
  • Understanding the basics of PyTorch for ML and compute orchestration systems like Kubernetes.
  • Implementing new models or optimisation techniques from research papers
  • Understanding of machine learning and interest in AI
  • Previous experience developing products in a cutting-edge technology startup.
  • You care about the impact of your work on the long term future of humanity and creating safe and beneficial AI.

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