Come work with us!

We are hiring, and looking for prodigious talent. Ideal candidates are self-starters/autodidacts with unbounded drive and the agency to act on it. We have open roles for all teams, both technical and non-technical, which you can view here.

We are building Conjecture to do “end to end alignment”, tackling the problem from all sides:

  • Engineering, to identify, investigate, and test alignment failure modes and promising research directions on in-house, cutting-edge LLMs customized for our experiments.
  • Conceptual research, to develop a robust alignment scheme and ensure we are making progress on the hard components of the alignment problem.
  • Interpretability research, to open the black box of modern neural networks, which are the foundation of all current state of the art AI systems and the precursors to prosaic AGI.
  • Products, to work on cutting edge, scalable AI driven products to ensure Conjecture’s research can continue unhindered. Earning to give, without the middleman!

  • Strategy, to think globally about the field of AI and begin solving coordination problems long before the first AGI deployment is near.

  • Operations, to create a healthy and agile organization, support internal and external projects, and improve the quality of life of all employees.

Conjecture formed in March 2022. We spent our first months building state-of-the-art research and engineering infrastructure; advancing interpretability, epistemology, and conceptual alignment research; training a cohort of independent alignment researchers; publishing standards to improve industry information security practices; and establishing a strong operational foundation for the business. We’re now shifting to phase two, with emphasis on shipping quickly and cutting directly at alignment. 

Our culture has a unique flavor, mixing hacker/pirate scrappiness, academic empiricism, and the wild ambition of a startup charging directly at the world’s most difficult problem. We hire from a wide range of backgrounds and value excellence and delivery above credentials. From large tech company leads to university drop-outs, we move fast and fail fast as a team, pick each other up, and balance the pressure with a healthy supply of memes. We regularly eat meals together and enjoy a number of activities around the office from rock climbing to movie nights.

Conjecture is based near Borough, in London. We’re in person by default, sponsor visas for all roles, and support employees’ relocation to London financially and logistically. We have generous holiday policy, pay salaries in the 95th percentile, and offer a suite of benefits aimed at helping employees flourish.